Types of Massage

Understanding your Options

SWEDISH MASSAGE:  A gentle, full-body massage designed to relax. Swedish massage can be an effective way to relieve overall muscle soreness, headaches, tension and stress, improve circulation, and an overall since of well being. 

SPORT MASSAGE: A full-body or site specific massage designed to provide a person with optimal performance and muscle recovery.  Sport massage may be used to help an athlete prepare for an event both mentally and physically and help with the recovery after an event.  Sport massage can be an effective way of alleviating chronic pain and injuries.   It can benefit everyone from the weekend gardener to the professional athlete. 

DEEP TISSUE MASSAGE: Designed to target the muscles and tissue deep within the body.  Deep Tissue massage does not always require the use of deep pressure to be effective.  By applying specific techniques and massage strokes to muscles deep tissue can be an effective way to help alleviate chronic pain and recovery from injuries. 

REFLEXOLOGY: Designed to help bring the body back into balance Reflexology uses pin point pressure and gentle strokes to the feet.  The theory of Reflexology is the entire body is mapped out on the feet, every area of the body is represented.   A reflexology session is meant to break-up stress patterns within the body and provide an overall relaxing experience. 

HOT STONE: This massage uses stones collected from the shores of Lake Superior.  The stones are heated and placed on the body to provide relaxation and reduce tension.  The stones are also used to massage sore and tight muscles.   This massage is a truly relaxing experience.  This massage is a minimum of 90 minutes.  

PREGNANCY: A massage specific designed to meet the special need and demands of pregnancy.  Taking special care to make sure the mother and baby are as comfortable as possible.  Massage can be very beneficial for a pregnant woman and the baby.  It can help improve circulation, relieve stress and tension, helps with muscle and joint pain, help with labor preparation, recovery after delivery of the baby, and an overall sense of wellbeing. 

MYOFASCIAL:  Fascia is a tough connective tissue throughout the entire body from head to feet in a three-dimensional web without interruption.  Fascia surrounds muscles, organs, bones and under the skin.  When a muscle is stretching fascia is stretching.  Myofascial massage uses stretches and gentle to moderate sustained pressure to release myofascial restrictions.  By doing stretching and gentle movements it can help release tension in the fasica.  Myofascial Release can be a good treatment for fibromyalgia pain, promote healthy scar tissue, release tension and improve range of motion.

CHAIR: While seated and fully clothed the therapist massages the neck, shoulders and back.  It is a nice way to quickly release tension.